Torah Parshah's

KBT studies Torah using the Annual cycle, including the Prophets, Writings and B'rit Hadashah.

Weekly Parshah

June 6 Sivan 14 


Numbers 4:21-7:89 

Judges 13:2-25; Luke 1:11-20 

June 13/21 Sivan

Beha'alotcha/When You Kindle 

Numbers 8-12

Zechariah 2:10-4:7 Matthew 14:14-21

June 20/28 Sivan

 Shelach/Send Forth

Numbers 13-15 

Joshua 2; Matthew 10:1-14

June 27/5 Tamuz

Korach/ To Remove One's Covering

Numbers 16-18

I Samuel 11:14-12:22; John 19:1-17

July 4/12 Tamuz


Numbers 19:1-25:9

Micah 5:6-6:8; John 19:38-42; Matthew 21:1-11 

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We are a Messianic Congregation comprised of Jews and non-Jews who acknowledge that Y'shua (Jesus) is Messiah. Our messages is that the Hebraic Roots form the foundation upon which Y'shua (Jesus) built his Congregation through "TORAH." We keep the weekly "Shabbat" Saturday Service, as well as all Moedims "Holidays" and Holidays of Israel.