The Blessing of Messiah

Bah-ruch ah-tah Adonai, Eh-lo-hey-nu meh-lehch hah-o-lahm,

ah-sher nah-tahn lah-nu eht deh-rehch

hah-yay-shu-ah beh-mah-shee-ach Yeshua. Ah-mayn

Blessed are You Adonai our Elohim, King of the universe,

Who has given us the way of salvation in

Messiah Yeshua


Welcome, we are a Messianic Congregation comprised of Jews and non-jews who acknowledge that Y'shua (Jesus) is Messiah.

We have divine worship and do religious observance of the Messianic traditions according to the tenets and precepts of the Written Word of G-D "Torah", the Prophets "Nevi'im, Writing "Ketuvim", & New Testament "Brit Hadashah" to come into unity in Messiah together with our brothers and sisters everywhere, to share His transforming life, and self-giving love to the world.